Meet Your Personal Nutritionist


Vivica Menegaz

Certified Technician in Whole Food Nutrition


Vivica is a holistic practitioner who specializes in helping women heal their hormones and lose weight, through the use of a therapeutic diet, with lifestyle and mindset.

 Originally from Italy, Vivica has always been around food, both through her family of restaurateurs and in her early career as a food photographer. In her late thirties she finally discovered nutrition: her true vocation.  

Vivica runs a web-based practice, specializing in Therapeutic Ketogenic Diets.  She is the creator of the The Healing Foods Method, a 4 month one on one course to transform health and lifestyle, with focus on metabolism and endocrine rebalancing. 

The program has been extremely successful, helping many people reclaim their lives and health.

Vivica is the author of 3 cookbooks, currently working on her 4th one.


"Give me just 12 short weeks and I will help you break your addiction to sugar and carbs, get your energy back, normalize your blood sugar, and rebalance your hormone systems. 

In 12 weeks I have seen migraines disappear, inflammation go to all time lows, brain power increase, depression vanish, allergies clear up and an overall decrease in chronic symptomatic health issues."


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